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 5:50 pm, 9th Oct. 2017
 10:41 am, 15th Sep. 2017
Bones are the most firm components of the human body, yet for all its solidity, it exists in a constant flux, ever changing with each passing second, in concert with our daily demands.
 9:25 pm, 7th Sep. 2017
Today I am grateful to have blundered upon philosophy blindly and without the corruption of learning it second hand.
 3:09 pm, 24th Aug. 2017
Rheumatic disorders are worsened by inactivity. Mechanical disorders are not.
 10:22 am, 22nd Aug. 2017
Just bought "The World as Will And Idea, Volume 1" by Arthur Schopenhauer, here: [Link] thanks to Cajal
 7:12 pm, 15th Aug. 2017
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