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Just bought "The World as Will And Idea, Volume 1" by Arthur Schopenhauer, here: [Link] thanks to Cajal
 7:12 pm, 15th Aug. 2017
Reddit honestly has one of the worst designs in the internet in terms of user experience and navigation. Why is it so popular?
 7:04 pm, 13th Aug. 2017
Corgis are life
 11:01 pm, 12th Aug. 2017
Time to be much more active here
 11:00 pm, 12th Aug. 2017
Abuse isnt the victims fault, though after making the same mistakes so many times, the common denominator among all of them is you.
 3:56 am, 7th Aug. 2017
My female friend's all say how bad their ex emotionally abused them, but after the 4th or 5th, im starting to question their choices.
 1:39 am, 7th Aug. 2017
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