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The time has come the long awaited Otakuni- Pokemon RPG to finally hit the web. After more than 5 years in development, we are nearing our beta release stage. Soon you will be able to collect them all, battle, evolve, trade, breed all the pokemon right here in your browser. They level up as you do in the community!
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Thread: eSports

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    What the heck?

    With the huge influx of Steam users pouring in, we have decided to have a dedicated section for gaming on Otakuni.
    What this means is that there will be a separate menu item for everything gaming related.
    Otakuni will also host tournaments, have competitive teams, live streaming and much more!

    You can access it by clicking the purple joypad tab in the menu. (the menu was condensed to be able to hold more tabs, it also makes more sense tbh)

    Also, you can integrate Otakuni with your Steam profile in here. Once up and running, you will be able to:

    • Import your steam library and have it be shown on your user profile
    • Import your steam Avatar
    • Import your steam trophies
    • Import your steam profile info (depends on you steam privacy level)
    • Show if you are currently playing a game automatically in your profile (even when not logged in Otakuni)

    For those who are new to Otakuni, you will be prompted to register via Steam, getting all the benefits mentioned above as well as the benefit of using your Steam Username (provided it has not been taken).

    Also, registration applications for our eSports team will be found here as well as a list and short description of each current team member.

    You can access this eSports portal here:
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    Integrating our accounts is completely safe, correct? No chances of mishaps leading to accounts being lost?
    Add me here on Steam!!


    The Hero Club Five Tenants:
    1) Give people a good greeting.
    2) Try not to give up.
    3) Sleep well, eat well.
    4) If you're troubled, talk to someone.
    5) You're likely to succeed if you try.
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    I use OpenID which is officially supported and the preferred way of single-sign-on's by steam.
    The information that is shared is only what you set your steam privacy to, which means you remain in control.
    Even the maximum amount of information shared is not enough to identify you.

    you can test it out here:

    To answer your question though, yes its totally safe.
    Information can only be read (and limited to what you chose to share via steam control panel) through openid, not inserted or changed.
    Last edited by gibigbig; 03-18-2016 at 03:20 AM.

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    Awesome! Thank you!
    Add me here on Steam!!


    The Hero Club Five Tenants:
    1) Give people a good greeting.
    2) Try not to give up.
    3) Sleep well, eat well.
    4) If you're troubled, talk to someone.
    5) You're likely to succeed if you try.
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    Looking forward to fill up the page with lots of useful information
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    I woke up and saw the new "esports" tab.. I instantly got excited...

    This is an amazing idea and I really can't wait... And I also wouldn't mind participating in a few CS:GO tournaments!

    Great Job again!

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    Hopefully there's Australians here that i can team up with~ xD
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    Also the eSports tab will serve as an official portal to all those official "Otakuni" teams that would like to represent various games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Rocket League, and many many more
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    I still want to apply for the team, actually question, could I start a team under another flag or run a different faction of the eSports I have enough experience >.<

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