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Otakuni CS:GO eSports (99 DMG)

Written by Codylex. 1063 Views
Otakuni CS:GO eSports (99 DMG)Two years ago a group of german friends decided to enter the 99damage liga tournament season 1 and they finished their division with only one loss. The team back then was called Kyut eSports and after their success, they had a chance to continue with the next division (Division 2) but decided to split for real-life reasons(work, university, etc.) instead.

These friends kept playing together over time and as of late they have decided to remake the team and try playing in a league once again.

The CS:GO roster formally known as Kyut eSports is now known as the Otakuni eSports team and is also represented by four of the original creators of the old team: Sancture, IQcrack, FraGGer and Codylex.
Additionally the latvian star-player Otto "Zviedris" Z., german semi-professional player Christian "FckR" S. and german novice player Dean "KaZm" H. were added to the new team.

So far they have achieved three wins and one loss in the current third season of the tournament. Anything related to the 99damage liga tournament can be followed here:http://csgo.99damage.de/de/leagues/teams/27741-otakuni-esports

Otakuni is expanding into everything related to gaming, including esports. To start off, the original idea for Otakuni was to establish a stable connection between the Otakuni website and the Steam community platform beforeexpanding into a more competitive esports scene.
In the near future any esports related teams playing for Otakuni would have a different, more strict contract.
However the current CS:GO team representing Otakuni has complete flexibility and freedom to experiment around and achieve goals in their own way. As soon as Otakuni makes the esports connection stable, the terms and conditions to enter an Otakuni esports team will be a lot stricter.

We wish the best of luck to the current Otakuni CS:GO team and hopefully we will see more of them in other tournaments!

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